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Continuity of operations planning COOP sites provide an alternate location for operations after a critical outage. Personnel within your organization turned off the HR data server for over six hours to perform a test. Which of the following is the MOST likely purpose of this?

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Loss of data and working space due to disaster are two of the most potentially damaging events that can occur in a business. Without data and office backup, it is possible to lose critical data, custom applications, client trust and business continuity. Hot, warm and cold backup sites aim to minimize these risks and ensure business continuity no matter the disaster. A hot site is a duplicate of an organisations original site, with full computer systems as well as near-complete backups hot mobile sites user data.

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There are three major types of disaster recovery sites that can be used: cold sites, warm sites, and hot sites.

Warm sites contain all the elements of a cold site while adding to them additional elements including storage hardware such as tape or disk drives along with both servers and switches. Warm sites are "ready to go" in one sense, but they still need to have data transported to them for use in recovery should a disaster occur.

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One of the key elements in any Disaster Recovery plan is the selection of a secondary site for data storage to help prevent data loss in the event of cyber attacks or a natural disaster. It does not include other hardware elements such as servers and storage.

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Want to know more about types of disaster recovery sites and learn what your options are for creating a plan? Reach out to iCorps for a free DR consultation. Get in touch:.

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Search this site on Google Search Google. Understanding the differences among these three can help SMBs, working in cooperation with an expert IT consultantto select the one that best suits company needs and mission-critical business operations. A cold disaster recovery site is the most simplistic type of disaster recovery site. Cold Computing Sites A cold disaster recovery site is the most simplistic type of disaster recovery site.

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DR software will extract critical business data from this secondary site and restore it back to primary servers in the event of a major system failure. Popular Posts.

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This is the ideal disaster recovery site but can be challenging to attain. A hot site is a fully functional backup site that already has important data mirrored to it.

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The use of a cold site is very limiting to a business since before it can be used, backup data along with some additional hardware must be sent to the site and installed. A cold site consists of elements to provide power and networking capability as well as cooling.

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