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Bangkok bar girls

When you visit Bangkok, you will be presented with a of options to meet Thai Bar Girls.

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A lot of guys want to know how much it would cost for sex with a Thai go go bar girl including the costs of drinks inside a go go bar in Bangkok. Here is a price breakdown:. So the easy answer is THB total to get laid. However, everyone has different tastes as well as spending money. Bangkok bar girls might want to bar fine a really hot looking girl who can easily command a THB short time rate. Or you love drinking beer and hard liquor.

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Sorry, to spend your time of course. But the beer bars also make a popular place to socialize.

But apart from that, they both work in beer bars. All rights reserved.

The fact that everyone has got a smart phone now and prefers talking to people who are somewhere else rather than making friends and communicating with people who are right in front of them and thus getting less sociable — puts the whole bar scene in Thailand at the risk of slowly disappearing in the upcoming years when customers complain that the girls stick to their phones rather bangkok bar girls making them feel good and have a nice time.

The girl on the right however is the one who wants to hook up with you.

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Again, other guys or foreigners with farang girlfriends just come here to relax or watch live sports on the TV. Take the guys in the picture below. What is a Thai Beer Girl? People watching at its finest. What do these two girls have in common?

Give me another San Mig Light. So instead of getting beer bellies and doing the same small talk over and over again they just do their one hour if at all special massage and then wait for the next customer while playing games on their phones. Where To Do It.

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But there are still a few places that have something unique to them and worth mentioning here:. The reason why is quite simple.

A guide to bar girls, freelancers and their prices in bangkok, thailand

But the more ificant difference is the girl on the left cannot be taken out of the bar in other words bar-fined out since her only job is to promote the sales of a certain beer brand, in this case Chang Beer. At least until it gets dark.

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The above prices are very similar in other major cities like Phuket, Samui, and Chiang Mai and slightly cheaper bangkok bar girls places like Udon Thani, Hua Hin or even Pattaya where you can easily find happy hours all day long for 60 Baht a beer simply because the competition is so high and everyone is fighting for customers. Among all the different monger places in Bangkok, the beer bars are definitely your best choice to kill the time. It will be interesting to see how the beer bar scene performs in the upcoming years and cops with the increasing struggles that arise with technological progress and alternative working opportunities for Thai bar girls.

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The drink prices went up too, means a small Singha beer will now set you back Baht. Massage salons and parlors have started mushrooming in the Farang areas all around Thailand with girls receiving a much better return on their time working. You might think all those ts are more or less the same with comfortable bar stools, pool tables, TV screens and plenty of hot ladies all around.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Where to find Beer Bars in Bangkok?

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It may be hard to believe for the common tourist, but Bangkok can be such a boring city to live in. Look at the picture below.

Thai bar girls for rent in bangkok

Privacy Policy Contact. Staying at home and reading a book seems less appealing than back at home because you always have the feeling to miss out something in this exciting city.

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Similar if not more growth potential have the escort agencies where the girls just sit at home and wait for their next booking. Ok.

What becomes of bargirls?

From all the working girls in Thailand who end up having relationships with Farangs every year, most of them are coming from the girly bars. They recently finished renovating and restructuring the whole place and unfortunately with the additional bar and modernized fittings comes the removal of a couple of pool tables, so there are only two left and a queue of more than 20 people at most times.

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As always there are exceptions. The consequence is you see mainly tourists here amongst the freelance girls while most expats prefer places like Hillary 1 across opposite with similar concepts but ificantly cheaper drinks and a more relaxed atmosphere. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.